Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our New Year Celebration 2009

Happy New Year from my wacky family!
A late post but it's still worth sharing. Been too busy during the holidays and till January that's why.

It was really a blast for all of us. My
sister Joy and her family from Sydney is in the country that time to celebrate the holidays and look we all enjoyed it. While waiting for the 2010 to arrive, we sing at the videoke, kids play games, we sing and dance, eat/ drink and take lots of photos.

It's also family tradition of ours to wear RED shirts for good luck and prosperity. We have been doing this for years now and I am the one who initiated it.
Here are some more photos:


  1. It's nice to see family always getting together once a year.. this is really a filipino tradition.. we do that always every 28 of december..

  2. ay kapatid mo sya ate? hihi. I used to visit her blog dahil sa mommy moments. parang nag-hiatus ata ako sa MM or sya? hihi

    ang saya nyo naman. grabe! happy happy new year talaga!

  3. hi Fedhz.. yeah she's my youngest sister. thank you we had a blast nga talaga.


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