Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Printing Stuff

I hope my net cafe will slowly pick up soon most especially when the school year is closing on March or April where students are obliged to make projects. During these days, students will be flocking to use the net so that they can research on about their assignments more particularly about their projects to be submitted to their teachers. There are also times when I need to extend my closing hours just to accommodate rushing customers who wants to use the computer, net or those that wants to have their documents printed.

I have this paper where I printed all their documents and my customers loved it because of it's quality. It's actually smooth and when their projects or resumes where printed it looked more presentable unlike using just an ordinary paper. My HP printer is also a big help and it prints with quality because I only use original HP printers. I once used a refill cartridge on my old printer and it only ends up being broken giving poor quality and I end up buying another printer. It saved me some money at first but later on I was at the losing end bec. I need to replace the printer.

Those of you who have printers at homes and offices, try to use only original inks of brands like HP or Canon Ink Cartridges for superior quality. These days original inks are affordable now and readily available online and so I see no reason why people will still want to use refill ones. is a good source of branded printer inks, ink cartridges, laser toner and lots more. They carry brands like HP, Canon, Dell, Brother and more.

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