Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shopping Buddies

My niece Micah came home for a vacation from Sydney last December till January of this year and I became her chaperone when she wants to go shopping. She actually saved money by working as a barista in one of the coffee shops in Sydney and she spent some of it doing endless shopping with me.
There was one time when we go to 2 different malls SM megamall and Greenshills just to buy all the stuff that she wanted. She bought items like dress, shoes, blouses, jeans, shirts, headbands and lots more. It was so cheap to shop here compared to their shops back home plus there are myriad of choices that she can choose. She even shopped items for her bestfriends and closest friends. She got a good deal over here but her luggage became so full and overweight when we packed it.

Anyway, I know she will miss our shopping days most especially when I tried to scold her because she wants to buy a 3-4" heels sandals..LOL We are sometimes a cat and a dog most of the times because she doesn't want to be told what not to do and wear. You know teens think that they know it all but I am glad with a little bit of explanation she still follows me. Now I really know that it's so hard rearing a teenager these days. You'll encounter problems regarding discipline, matters of the heart, acne problem where you always wants to get only a natural acne treatment, school matters and more. I bet mommies out there with teens too encounter same problem.

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