Thursday, February 11, 2010

Summer Vacation Soon

Wow, it’s super hot outside these days!!! Summer is really coming or is it already here? I noticed that our weather was kinda weird because at nights and very early morning it is cold and I always find myself putting my jammies on before I go to sleep. It changes till mid morning and I assumed that temps ranger from 30-34C outside most especially lunch time and afternoon when sun is at its brightest. Geezhhh, for sure you’ll never want to go out and sweat outside because you’ll end up sticky, a far scenario than those experience snowstorms in the US.

Since summer is coming and vacation time for the kids, certainly the kids will find a way to keep themselves busy and pre-occupied. Summer lessons like drawing, singing/dancing, cooking, sports are just some of the activities that any parent can consider for their children. You know kids become bored and annoying when they have nothing to do. Might as well have them do something worthwhile during their school breaks.

Just in case, you have no budget to enroll your kids on summer activities, you can always opt to do activities at home. I’m sure your TV and computer will be burning again because of their endless use but also encourage them to go outside and play sports to keep them active.

Give them drawing materials, craft materials and more.

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