Thursday, February 11, 2010

An Upgrade to iPhone?

When it comes to cellphones, I’m really left behind. I’m still using my old simple and basic Nokia mobile phone with no camera for almost 3 years now and counting. It was actually a phone given by my BIL bec. he upgraded long time ago. The truth is, I’m not itching to buy a new phone at the moment since it is still working good even though there are times when there’s a message telling me to insert my sim card properly. I know it happens most especially when I accidentally dropped it.

I’m still ok with my old phone but of course I’m also wishing to have the latest models that are coming out but thinking about how I use my mobile phone (which is always inside my bag), I opted not to buy one. If someone will give me a new one, then I’m all open arms hehehe.

It’s been a while since the iPhone was released and it’s just amazing how some cellphone fanatics lined up to the stores to buy it and be among the first people who’ll get hold of this hi-tech phone. Sis Joy was able to upgrade her old phone to iPhone last year and she’s using it not only for texting or calls but to take photos and so much more. In fact, she has bought it a new green iphone case

It’s my first time to hold an iPhone when she came over here for their vacation and I was awed with the features that the iPhone has. I wonder if my sis will buy an iphone dock as well but for sure she will. Funny thing is that her little kids love to tinker with her phone, in fact, she always takes pictures of us candidly and she’ll burst out laughing when she caught us unaware. Ahh how I wish I’ll upgrade to iPhone in the future and there’s no doubt I’ll buy iphone accessories as well. I hope by the time I have money to buy it, it is still popular and my cellphone needs has upgraded as well.

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