Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back to Cooking

I'm no cooking expert or what but lately I've been back to cooking once again. It's not that I'm cooking gourmet or complicated meals but just simple and easy foods for me and mom. I'll cook in the morning for our lunch and whatever I cook then that will be our dinner too. I hope in the future I can cook more deli and complicated dishes that is if I have enough time.

For lunch today I cooked Sweet and Sour Chicken and it turned out good, but oooops I forgot to put some carrots hehe.. Want some?? (sorry for the quality of photo, I just took it with my laptop camera)
I remember the days when I used to cook our regular lunch meals but since I got busy with work, I kinda set it aside. Mom took over the cooking but lately I got to try it once again when my work routine changed. I decided to work online during mornings at our house and later after lunch time it's the time I can go to my net cafe. My SIL is the one scheduled to be there in the morning and I'm scheduled in the afternoon till 8 pm. I guess it's working good for both of us but there are times that I need to go there early because she has to go to the office on Tues and Thurs..


  1. hi sis.. how you doing? hehe.. saw the pics so many here.. lovely..

    need help

    contest ends on 18 march

  2. Picture is a bit blurry, but it looks good. Care to share the recipe? I'm always down to trying new things.


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