Thursday, March 18, 2010

Too Many to Blog

Aside from tons of online works that I need to make posts before they even reached their deadline, I have some other personal post and photos that I needed to share here on my blog. Blame it on my sometimes being lazy downloading photos and blogging about it. I've been extending my working hours till about midnight each day so I can finish them off and I hope I will not be running fast to find the best face creams in town just to put on my face to remedy the sprouting lines on my face.

Here are some of topics that I needed to share here. I just hope I can do it real soon.
1. January Despedida Party
2. Make-Over of my dog Sophie and her recovery from her ailment
3. My Nephew as a Knights of the Altar
4. Outing of Dither
5. Scrapping
6. My recent loots
and lots more..

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