Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Unique Approach

Time is moving fast, in a blink of an eye a day will past without you knowing it. People get busier each day with loads of house chores, office work and online works. Sometimes we forget our own personal time, our ME time. Moms are always busy and handful most especially if they have growing kids where their time is consumed feeding, bathing, playing or just having a quality time with them. Now that summer vacation and school break are here, parents will have another problem on how to keep them busy and behave. There's no doubt that you need to give all the attention and care to your kids but hey, once in a while give yourself a break.

Have some time to go to the parlor, let your hair down; go shopping w/o kids in tow. Visit a friend and have some chit-chats. Clear your mind with all your domestic problems and worries for a while because there’s more than that to see and feel. Smell the flowers, walk in the park, lie down in the grass, put your feet up and read a magazine, have some quiet time and smile with all your heart. All of these will bring so much joy, courage and inspiration.

Teens and young adults go through some anxiety, fears and other worries in life as well and one of the known approach is called wilderness therapy wherein it involves outdoor education or therapy. Outdoor activity with experienced therapist can lead them and teach them how to communicate better, solve problems and express their feelings more without having to yell or be violent.

It’s quite a unique approach and Pacific Quest can be able to deliver and guide all the participants in this program. Participants will have 2 individual and group sessions that will happen in their organic farm. These kinds of program can be beneficial and often give good results to the participants.

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