Friday, March 19, 2010

When Accidents Happen: My niece Fell on Bed Head First

I went online quarter to 10 pm last night and an offline YM msg. from my nephew Karlo popped asking me if I'm online because her sister Kukay figured in an accident. My heart pumped. I replied but there's no more answer.

I called his mobile and asked what happened and it turns out that her sister fell off from their double deck bed in their dorm head first! Ouch! She was a bleeding and aching neck so he decided to rush her at the nearest hospital. We kept on communicating on the phone because we can't just drive there at their place because it's to far, they are in Manila while we are in Eastern Rizal.

He called again and told me that he needs to transfer her sister at another hospital because there's no xray machine at the hospital where they went it 1st. He immediately rushed to Ospital ng Maynila to be examined.

Their parents are abroad working but we managed to tell them what happened. At around 11pm or so my mom, SIL and bro drove fast to the hospital to check on them. It took a while before she was examined and we are very happy to know that her x-ray is negative, meaning there's no bones cracked. Her forehead was swollen and has a a lump on the head. I was sleepless the whole night thinking what's happening. I went to sleep at 4:00 am already waiting for mom etc to come home.

The doctor prescribed some medicines and advised them they need to observe if she's going to vomit blood or something. If that is the case she needs to see a doctor asap. But for now she is good, I even called her on the phone this morning and she said she is in the univ. and will take her final exams. Thanks God that she is ok now.

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