Saturday, April 17, 2010

Been Cooking Easy Cooking Recipes

I don’t know what got into me lately that I once again am holding pots, pans and other cooking utensils most of the time. I’m again unearthing the cooking diva in me that was once buried for a long time. What triggered it I guess, was my palate getting sick and tired of the same old dishes that we are having from day to day. It’s kinda boring already as it seems and my taste buds are looking for something new or different. It may not be gourmet or restaurant type of cooking but those comfort and easy to cook will be fine with me.

One day, I found myself scouring for Easy Cooking Recipes online and at Youtube and printing them out so I can at least have a guide. There are also simple dishes that I wanted to cook but lack time before and these days, I’ve slowly cooking them if I crave for them.

Last Holy Week, I also made a menu from Holy Monday till Easter Sunday, and since we are accustomed not eating meat on Holy Thurs and Good Friday, I made veggie dishes in those days accompanied with friend fish. Cooking is time consuming so when my niece is around, (since it’s summer vacation for them already) I’m asking her to help with the cutting of the veggies so that my meal preparation will be cut short.

I prepare easy cooking and with ingredients readily available at the supermarket. I’m the type of person who loves eating viands with sauces. Ahhhh they are just my favourite. I also love chicken very much and fortunately I was able to learn how to cook Buffalo Wings that I only can eat at a resto. I never realized that it was just so easy. I have posted the recipe already at my recipe blog and been compiling some more of the recipes that I have tested and liked.

BTW, here’s one of my favorite chicken dish. It’s the Sweet and Sour Chicken and oh dear it’s yummy. I will try to post the recipe if I can later. What about you what’s your gave dish?

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