Monday, April 19, 2010

No Amazing Race 16 Episode 10 ShowToday?

I woke up a bit early this morning to get ready for my fave The Amazing Race Season 16 that is aired over at Studio 23 every Monday at 8:00 am (Pinas Time). I was just so excited and waited for it to be shown but it's already 8:15 am and there's no Amazing Race 16 Episode 10 being aired.

I remember Kaje, who also loves watching The Amazing Race that she heard over that the episode today will not be shown this week, so she was right. I'm not sure why but I hope that it will resume next week for I'm just excited now the finals are near.

Anyone knows why there's no Amazing Race 16 Episode 10 today?


  1. Country Music Awards. I was bummed too.

  2. =( I was wondering the same thing!

  3. @Sharkbytes - oh that's why.. they made way for the country music awards yay. thanks for the info


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