Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hair Talk: Concealing my White Hairs

If there is one thing that I hate in my hair right now and that would be my white hairs. Argghh…. They 1st sprouted about 3 years ago and it’s just few strands on top part of my hair so what I did was to pull it out but it turns out to be itchy when they grow back so I didn’t do it again. To my surprise my white hairs grew in numbers and it became very visible just near my forehead and all over. Ahhh that is unsightly to see so I have no choice but to have a hair colour to conceal them. I went to my professional hairdresser and had it done in the salon and the result was good.
From then on, I’m having my color done in the salon every 3-4 months bec. if i will not do that my white hairs will be very noticeable and that’s always the 1st thing that you’ll see in me. I just hate being told that “oh, you have white hairs already”. Right now, my hair color is deep brown which I had it done in Feb., so by June I’ll be going back to have it done again. I have once coloured my hair on my own but it’s messy and time consuming so I always go back to the salon so I can relax as well.

I’m not very adventurous when it comes having different hair styles bec. I have thick and coarse hair so I just keep it long with some layers on the side. I always envy those long wavy Hollywood celeb hairstyles and wish I can do that in my hair. I also wished that to chop off my hair and keep it short but I’m too afraid to have it done.

Anyway, we often see celebs wearing different kinds of hairs styles and colors and those are really needed so that their fans will not be bored with the looks. Simple hair extensions can already make a difference and those bangs can definitely attract attention.

Oh well, my hairstyles over the years are pretty boring (same old cut each year) and wish I can find a great hairstylist that can do wonders on my hair. What about you have you tried different hairstyles? What about coloring your hair?

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