Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spending Within Our Means

How many times I’ve heard from many people that the economy is not good and money is not coming in as much as they like. These days we always try to find ways to boost our profits or income and ways to save more money. If you can, put money on your bank and always check your interest or your CD rates if you can. It’s always hard when you don’t have any savings because when emergency arises, it’s difficult to produce money in an instant.

Not all people have someone to turn to. We can always tighten our belts a little bit; it’s just a matter of self control. We should learn to lessen your shopping but if you can’t, minimize the use of your personal or business credit cards bec. sometimes this can worsen the situation if not properly used. Credit cards are not that evil for those that know how to use it for they can be useful in times of emergency as well. Just learn to prioritize and use it responsibly. It’s also always best to read, compare credit cards and know within yourself if you really need one or if you have the capacity to pay it in the future.

I myself been trying not to use my CC, actually I have not used it ever which is a good thing for me. As a reminder always spend within your means.

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