Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Hat's Off To EMS Practitioners

A look back at my Med. Tech days in the late 80’s brings a lot of memories; the best part is during our 4th year where we were assigned at different hospitals for trainings for the whole year. We are trained in the laboratory to test different specimens from blood, urine, stools, semen and lots more.

We also experienced rushing to the ER to get blood samples for stat or emergency testing and waking up at wee hours of the night (if you’re on night duty) to get blood or other samples or do some testing. It was a nice experience and good training ground. Now that I’m no longer practicing my profession, I still have such great respect for those working in the medical field.

My hats are off as well to those medical practitioners who are serving or volunteering their services in disaster management and emergency cases. We have seen volunteers from all over the globe to assist on medical missions in earthquake stricken Haiti and other places. I’m sure they are highly trained and they have brought ample EMS Supplies to address the health needs of the patients. I just wish that many health workers will continue to offer their valuable Emergency Medical Service (EMS) to the people when disaster strikes again.

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