Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pesky Neigbors

I was working this morning when all of a sudden my mom get my attention and told me that there is a small fire at the vacant lot at the back of our house. My pesky neighbors did set a fire on dead leaves and tree branches once again which I always hate and later on the fire grew and spreading.

I was shouting them put off the fire! and saw some women holding pails and pouring water on the fire. Now they see what they have done! I was too irked, they are not thinking how harmful it is to the environment when they set the dead leaves /branches on fire. Not only that, if the fire will not be controlled, our houses will be burned! Good thing firemen came (with little water on their truck though hehe) and put the fire out.

Yay! If only I can lecture them. Sigh... Oh dear, thanks for making me rant here. I better end this now or else it will add up some wrinkles on my face. I don't want to put a wrinkle cream just yet. Boo!

So if you are like my neighbors who always set dead leaves and tree branches on fire, pls. STOP ok, you're just adding heat to our environment and contributing to the destruction of our nature.

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