Friday, May 14, 2010

Just Random Thoughts

My former highschool classmates are gathering almost every Friday to play badminton and I'm always invited to join them. Just last night and this morning L texted me and asked me if I'm joining them for tonight's game. Since I'm feeling crap and lazy today because of my pms, I replied that I can't make it today.

Poor me, I have not had any routine exercise just like badminton or on any fitness equipment for about 2 years now and I started to think that I need to have one. Been feeling sluggish lately ever since I started to work at home. Ahhh I need to break this routine. I promised that by June, I'm going back to my old routine of going to my net cafe in the morning, work there as well and go home at night already. Felt that I'm stuck when I'm staying at home all the time. :(

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