Thursday, May 13, 2010

What Happened to Our Electric Bill??

I was shocked when I received our electric bill in the house for the month of April because it doubled! We are only paying about Php 1,300 and the most is 1,500 but look it soared to P2,716+ eventhough the kilowatt consumption is the same! We don't even have an aircon or we are not even an electronics shop or store that can consume lots of electricity.

Anyway, I've been hearing from friends, news and reading on some blogs that their bills got high as well. There's even a protest happened wanting Meralco to look into this.


  1. I was shocked too when I received our electric bill. We don't even have air-conditioner but our bill spiked up to almost 3k. Huhu! :(

  2. oh no! double! ouch! nweis nde lang tlga ikaw...halos lahat double =(

  3. ouch! madalas pa nga brown out no? bat naman ganyan. dapat talaga imbestigahan ng gobyerno yan. i hope the new president will do something about this. kawawa naman ang mamamayang pilipino.


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