Monday, May 10, 2010

Phils.' 1st Automated National Election

Hooray, I'm a certified voter, here's the proof, my thumb still in black and indelible ink on my right point finger
My mom, bro and sil went to vote early in the morning but I opted to stay bec. I have something to do and told them that I'll vote after lunch. Fortunately, I didn't come with them because they told me that they have waited in line for about 2 hours before they voted. However my mom being a senior citizen was allowed to vote once she came to the precinct.
On our way to the public elementary school where we are assigned to vote, we saw lots of election paraphernalia hanging everywhere, a usual sight whenever we have elections here. My bro and I went out to vote at around 1:30 pm and we are lucky that not many voters are lining up on our precinct.
My bro and I looking for our names on the list of voters, a man assisted us in finding our names so that it will be fast. First we need to sign at the voters list then the BEI (board of election inspector) gave me a ballot. With the pen provided by the Comelec, and a list of names that I will vote, I shaded the oval (which is a bit small) carefully and I was finished after 45 minutes. I noticed that the ink almost blotted at the back of my ballot paper.

I returned my ballot to the BEI and she signed it BUT she is the one who put it on the PCOS machine, Yay! but I was in front of the machine when she did it and saw the msg on the machine that my ballot has been accepted . Yehey! It was very easy and simple process this year.
Happy to have voted at the 1st Automated National Election here in our country and I hope my bets will win.


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