Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Battery Life: Wahhhhh!

Look what popped in my screen? "Your battery needs to be replaced." Oh goodness, this is one alert that I don't want to see. I just bought my Dell laptop last June 2009 and it's only been a year and I already need to replace my battery?

Wahhh.. what have I done wrong with my battery that it lost it's charging power too soon? I'm not quite sure if not draining all the battery's power and charging it when it is still 1/4 full is harmful to the battery? Is is better to drain the battery before charging it? Can you share how do you charge your laptop's batter?

Yay, now I need to plug my laptop onto the electric so I can use it longer since the battery even it is full can only last for only 20-30 mins. Tsk tsk.. now i need to canvass how much a DELL battery is worth.


  1. i don't use laptop yet so the only batteries i deal with most of the time are those of my cellphone and camera... great tips!

    by the way, im new here in your blog. just thought of wandering around to find new friends. mind for a link exchange?

  2. I got that same message a couple of weeks ago. It turns out that somehow in lifting the computer and moving the laptop around that the buttons on the bottom of the computer that you push to eject the battery were moved and the battery wasn't totally in the computer.

    I took the battery out and then replaced it and have since made sure that the buttons stay where they are supposed to and the battery has been fine every since.

    Maybe that's all your battery needs. I'd check it before I went and bought another battery.

  3. hi JT.. i turned over my laptop and saw it was not locked too.hmmm maybe that's also the reason why huh.. i dont think i can replace my battery soon :(


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