Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Possible Upgrade

It seems that our (second-hand) Toyota Lite Ace that we got September of last year is not on its tip-top shape. The aircon is almost busted, eventhough it is working it’s hardly cooling the inside of the van. The exterior look of the van is great and the walls of the van was still covered in plastic when we purchased it but it looks like the engine is not performing the way it should be. Oh well I think that’s what we got by buying a second hand van.

Early morning tomorrow, bro will use it to fetch my sister and bro-inlaw at the airport that are going home bec. of a family emergency. Unfortunately like I’ve said the aircon is the problem so I guess they just need to bear the heat for a while until it is fixed.

My mom has already expressed her wish that she wanted a new one, she likes a crosswind but I’m not sure if we’re all agreeing to that. All we wanted was a good vehicle this time with good engine and probably bro will have a customized billet grills, mug wheels and other accessories. Hope we can save a lot so we can purchase in no time.

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