Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ready For School! A First Grader

This is my niece Reign, preparing showing off and preparing her school stuff for the coming school opening this coming June 15th. It was last Sunday when I bought her and her brother school supplies at National Bookstore. She loves Sakura but unfortunately who could not find a notebook with Sakura cartoons printed on them so she opt to buy the Power Puff and Barbie notebooks instead.

She was so excited while we're buying things that right after we got home she asked her mom to get her Bratz bag (given my Aunt Beng few Christmas ago) so she can put her things inside already. She'll be grade 1 student already and she told me she's excited to be in a big school but quite scared because she has no friend yet.

I know her parents will be up and about so early in the mornings because her class starts at 7am while her bro's class starts at 6 am. Hope they'll do good in school.

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