Sunday, June 6, 2010

Disasters Can Happen Anytime

It was about 12 midnight when I heard loud sirens of fire trucks passing by again and again about 2 weeks ago. I knew it was just near and we’re all stunned to know the next day that a big fire erupted at our town’s market. We are just about 5 minutes or few kilometers away and according to the reports, the fire engulfed 60% of the whole market and the most affected area is the dry goods section.

It was so sad because the blaze happened when the market is closed already and the fire was too big already that’s why many business owners are helpless in saving their goods. If only it happened in the morning or during market hours, maybe more items for sale will saved. Unfortunately, I don’t think those businesses owners have any business insurance.

It only shows that natural disaster can really happen any time and anywhere so we should be somewhat preferred. Business owners can opt to have their business insured and they can always find business insurance quotes online that they can peruse. Check out your local insurance company online just like if you’re in Texas area, this Texas business insurance can help you out. For those that needs other forms of insurance for their homes then check out this California home insurance , for we really never know when calamity will occur. We should always pray that we’ll all be safe. I don’t want to be so morbid but the huge sink hole in Guatemala really made me scared!

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