Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Reign's 7th Birthday Celebration

This is actually a super late post but I'm still sharing it anyway. My niece Reign celebrated her 7th Birthday last May 2, 2010 and it was held at home. I helped my sister in law along with our relatives in the preparation of it.

I made the layouts of the invitations and the tarpaulin while my SIL's, sister in law did the make up and the hair do. It was at 4 pm when the party started and the guests arrived one by one. The theme of her party is Disney Princess.

The dress bought at Robinsons mall and the souvenir items (water jug with candies inside) bought at Divisoria

cake from Goldilocks

7 roses

7 candles

She was actually having tantrums during her birthday celebration because she didn't like the thought that she's going to dance during the 7 candles. Later on as the party was going she did loosen up and we already saw her smile when the games started. It was so fun, the clowns did a good job in the entertainment area.

During the 7 gifts ceremony, most of the guests where her godmothers and me as an aunt. We gave her wishes and advices to her and I hope she'll remember all that. She's only 7 yrs. old but few more years she'll be a teenager already with teens problems like finding the best acne treatment and love solutions.. yay!

Anyway, I became the photographer during the party but 2 of niece and nephew where also taking shots with their own DLSR. Reign was all smiles already during the opening gifts after the party because she received lots of nice stuff like Barbie items, dolls, and lots more.


  1. wow! nice pics sis! ikaw kumuha no? ahhahaha =)) Ganda ng theme...=) Belated happy bday to her =) I cant wait to organize my daughter's 7th bday soon! give me an idea okay? =P

  2. Belated Happy Birthday to you daughter. May this pala sya ;) Can't wait till my daughter turned 7 ;)


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