Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our Love for the Arts

I can definitely say that a love for the arts runs in our family. My dad use to do paintings in his younger years and fortunately we have saved some of his art paintings in our house. They are quite good and I think of him every time I look at them. My older brothers are also visual artists; in fact, they have competed in local art competitions. My older brother has won several times and he is continuously competing in other contests. His children seem to have his artistic genes and now they are into photography and film making.

If I may say, not wanting boast, I myself am into digital kit designing, photography and more. I reckon it is a great gift from God that we can be proud of.
The kids in our family are also showing signs of being artists and we are always encouraging them to express themselves through art. Sometimes during their vacation they take art lessons, and I am always trying to find different art activities for them to do.

It is fun watching your kids create things, and they are always so proud of what they have made. I am happy to be able to encourage my kids to explore their creative genes that seem to run in our family.

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