Monday, July 12, 2010

The Weekend that Was

The weekend has passed once again and I've been busy ever. My online works poured in over the weekend and I have no choice but to do it asap because I want to beat the deadline. I was not feeling well those days, been cranky, cramps on my legs, I have colds and my migraine attacked while I'm working. Thanks to medicines that really helped my aches and pains.

I guess I've also abused my body a little bit by working on my opps till 1 or 2 am and I've also designing digital scrapboooking kits on the side. Yay, I'm multi-tasking lately. I've been putting off my schedule to go to the salon last week and gosh I really need to go there before the week ends.

I'll be meeting my online friends on Friday, so I guess that's a great way to unwind and have some chitchats. If I still have time to go to the mall after our lunch, probably I can also look for outdoor patio cushions at the mall that I needed for our house. I'm already looking forward to our lunch date.

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