Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Broken Van Sucks

Mom and bro are kinda bothered these days as our van is not on its top performance. Mom bought it just last Oct. 2009 and we really didn’t have a clue that this almost new van will give us some headaches after few months. Though there are still plastic covers on the walls when we got the van, I guess my bro and the technician failed to check the engine carefully before buying the van.

Oh well, that’s the consequence of buying a second hand or used vehicle, you’ll never know the real condition of it after few months that you’re using it. My brother will need to bring it to the auto repair that can check the engine’s status. These days, our van sometimes will just stop in the middle of our trip and the aircon is not working as well.

Actually, mom is already convinced that we really need to replace the vehicle. It’s nice to have a Toyota Camry just like what my sis have but with the size of our family, I reckon another van is just right for us. I’m pretty sure that mom will ask every one of us to give some share so that we can buy another vehicle. Yay!. I hope this time the van that we’ll get will stay for a long time and bro don't need to check the breaks more often just like our Toyota Tamaraw that’s been serving us since 2002.

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