Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lens Error

I love taking photos and I actually have a Canon DLSR and point and shoot cameras. I love my DLSR when I'm taking creative photography and when I'm on vacation bec. it can take real good quality photos. I'm also using a point and shoot camera for everyday shooting and I bring it when I need a camera that can easily fit my bag. There are times that I don't want to carry big camera so this p&s cam is perfect.

I decided to use my p&s cam this morning and when I opened it the zoom lens is kinda stuck. I tried to on and off it but this error appears: LENS ERROR, RESTART CAMERA. Wahhhhhh..

It's also making a sound which I believe is due to the lens being stuck. Oh my goodness, this only means that I need to have it fix or just replace it. It's already 3 yrs.old and it's only now that it was broken. Oh dear, as of the moment I don;t want to shell out money to buy another new camera. Wahhhh.

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