Saturday, October 23, 2010

Busy as a Bee

It’s been a busy as in busy week for me. Works are pouring in and I have to take advantage of that. It’s my very first time in my whole blogging career that I’ve stayed at home for one whole week just to finish all my works. Usually, I go to my net cafe everyday but since work became too loaded I opted to just go there 2x-3x (the most) a week. Since my sister-in-law only works in the office 2x a week, she agreed to take care of the shop. So everytime she goes to her work ever Tues. and Thurs., as much as possible I need to go there.

Unfortunately, I can’t work really well when I’m at my shop since it’s noisy and have too many distractions that’s why I like working here at home even I stayed up very late. The dark under eye circles on my face are visible already and that’s a sign that I’ve been working real hard.

I’m guessing that until next week, I’m pretty much overloaded with but I need to go out, catch some sunlight and run some other errands. With all these I’m very thankful for having such work.

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