Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Away for Christmas

It was my friend from college's birthday last Dec. 19th. Since we don't see each other in the last few years, I just texted her to give my birthday greetings. I was kinda worried if she got my message since she is not replying so I left a message on her Facebook wall my birthday greetings again.

She replied back there and she's sad that she's away from home for her birthday and Christmas since she is in Singapore for work. She's medical technologists and I'm pretty sure that the hospital where she is working sent her to attend yet another conference. It's just like she's studying once again at a medical school then later on when she's back she'll share all the laboratory knowledge that she acquired from that trip.

I'm sure even though she is away this Christmas, she'll make up for it when she comes back. I miss her and I hope we'll meet again next year.

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