Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

1. Cool weather at early mornings and night.
2. Christmas gifts that I bought. Some still needs to be wrapped.
3. Friends who are so generous in sharing.
4. Done with my Valentine's kit and photobooks.
5. I was able to cook for lunch again after so many days.
6. my 8 yr-old niece helping with house chores particularly cutting of veggies and washing some of the dishes.
7. Oatmeal cookies with raisin for snack.
8. Gifts that I bought for myself. Lots of it! Actually I wanted a document imaging
and a new point and shoot camera but I thought that I'll just buy them next year as my spending his December is already neck deep.
9. Payments from my online companies that I'm working for.
10. Works still coming in eventhough it's holiday already.

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