Monday, January 24, 2011

A Dream House Built

I’m just so happy for my sister Joy right now for they have finally built their dream house in Sydney. They’ve been living in Sydney since they got married and raised their children in a 2storey house for I guess 4 years or so when they decided it’s time to have a much bigger and spacious house for their growing family. I have been to their old house for a vacation and it’s nice but still they wanted a house that they can build according to their specifications and all.

The building started in May 2010 and with so much sweat and of course money, look, it’s finally up since Dec. 2010. Yey, it was big and beautiful, just by looking at the pictures that my sis posted at her FB account. It has big loan, spacious garage, laundry area, lots of room and walking closets that my sis dreamed of having. Fortunately, her husband is a builder and can install laminated bench tops on their kitchen area and that only means they can save a little bit on the labor and materials for the kitchen and some areas.

Here are some photos to share:
Right, they are on the finishing touches already but some areas still need some attention as what my sis mentioned to me when we get to chat the other time. She’s also already doing her furniture shopping and quite excited over it. She’s been scouring magazines, online and even forums to get some ideas and inspirations for the house. She’s been telling me about Matt Blatt furniture and I guess she’ll insist to get a piece or two of their designs. Knowing my sister's taste in decorating their home, there's no doubt that it'll be neat, cozy, contemporary and full of love.

I can’t wait for them to finally move to their new place this year and settle there. They’ve got a big house and that means more space for the kids to move around and for her to Wishing that one day, I’ll get to see their new place and bond with them once again.

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