Monday, January 17, 2011

Welcoming 2011

My sister in law and I went to the market early of Dec. 31 to buy some fruits and additional tilapia fish that we'll grill. The fruit section was already jampacked when we got there. As usual, we have to walk slowly and look for nice fruits that we can put in our table. I found myself buying all the fruits at one store as I don't want to shop fast because the crowds are getting thicker.

Geez.. the prices of the fruits are so high every Dec. 31st, sellers always do that so they can have double earnings tsktsk.. Anyway, got that watermelon for P50, pineapple for 65, apples 20, etc. I was happy with the fruits that I purchased because they are all sweet and nothing was put to waste.
I made my specialty fruit salad while my SIL do all the other food preparations. We had litson kawali, grilled fish, vegetable salad, cake, fruit salad and more. Our family's tradition changed this year as we ate our Media Noche early at around 8pm and not the usual 12 midnight. We gathered around wearing our usual red shirts and ate our feast. The kids were all excited, no one even slept after eating our dinner. They entertained themselves playing the computer, singing, jumping outside or just being silly. This year we didn't have too many fireworks as we don't want anyone to get injured. The kids just play with tamborine, play the guitar and banging covers of pans. My nephew also set up a large speaker and a player setting the volume to the max. It was noisy We could hear firecrackers outside as early as 7 pm and it became louder as the 2010 draws to an end. My bro lighted some firecrackers and fountain while the kids had their sparklers. It was noisy and smoky but we had so much fun! After the clock strikes 12, we welcomed the year 2011 with a loud bang! After lighting fireworks and watching some from our neighbors, we then again ate our feast. Happy New year everyone!

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