Friday, February 25, 2011

No More Coffee? !!

Oh I love coffee!!

Been drinking coffee for over 2 decades already. I love my coffee with milk and sugar. Before, I use to drink 2 mugs a day (breakfast and after dinner) but reduced to 1 mug a day (breakfast) because I felt heaviness on my chest.

But now, I have fully eliminated my decaffeinated coffee for 2 days already because my doctor said that that COFFEE STIMULATES ACID in the stomach.!!! Maybe that's the reason why I'm feeling acidic and have frequent indigestion as well. I'm taking my doctor's advice and let's see what will be the effect of on my health. As a replacement, I'm drinking warm milk in the morning and maybe chocolate drink soon.

I will undergo some tests on Monday and I'm just so nervous but I know I can go through it well. So for now BYE COFFEE! :(

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