Saturday, February 26, 2011

Preferred Client

So I'm all set with the preparations for my tests on Monday. I went out yesterday and go to my bank. Since the 3 tests are kinda expensive, I just thought of withdrawing some my money inside the bank and not through my ATM since I have a limit/per day. I also don't want to hassle my SIL who'll be accompanying me on Monday to withdraw cash at the ATM inside the hospital. The bank is full and we're waiting in line for our turn.

I noticed another teller with a sign "preferred client" and some clients who just came in didn't fall in line but just go there to transact their business. I'm kinda curious what does it mean and when it's my turn I asked the teller what it was. I asked her if I can go directly there since I'm their loyal client but she said no. Ok, preferred clients as she said where doctors etc. or those who are busy or always in a hurry. They also have a different color (gold) on their cards that makes them preferred. Hmmmmm...maybe next time I can apply for that since I'm also a busy person lol.

Anyway, I remember when I was growing up, I wanted to be a bank teller and look for banking jobs but I changed my mind when I'm about to go to college.

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