Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Healthy Choices

Veggies, Tofu, Fish and Fruits
Lately, I've found myself eating veggies and fish almost everyday. I reckon this is a healthy choice that I have done after having been sick for a while. I've been scouring the net for veggie recipes and fortunately I found some that were just easy to cook. Also, eating veggies and fish etc. and less meat like pork, beef and chicken, I feel that they are much lighter in the stomach and I know they can be digested quite easily.

Eating Habits
I'm also heeding my doctor's advice on changing my bad eating style and habits if I want to eliminate my stomach discomfort. I'm following her advices but there are times that I still overeat especially if I love the dish that I cooked. I don't drink any medicine if I felt some discomfort but instead I just try to sooth my stomach with my ever reliable katinko (chinese mint ointment). It helped most of the times but I need to keep in mind that I must not over-stuff my stomach!

No Coffee, No Softdrinks
Aside from eliminating softdrinks in my diet, which I have already done since Oct. of 2009 and up to now (sorry, but I have cheated sipping once or twice), I also have successfully removed coffee in my morning ritual. Actually it's not very hard for me to do that and it's almost 1 month now that I have not sipped any coffee. Yey for that!

Every morning, I make it a point to exercise. I don't mean strenuous exercise like lifting weights or going to the gym. I have so many choices: A morning walk with my dog Sophie for 30-45 mins. is good enough and afterwards if I'm still hyped up, I'll do a 30. min aero exercise in the house by following a very simple routine at Youtube. I know with these kind of exercises that I'm doing, I don't ever need pink magic supplement to lose some weight. In fact, I'm already thin and planning to put extra pounds on my weight.

Aside from that, I purchased a bicycle that I can use to bike around our village. I can also play badminton if I want. I just hope that with all the healthy choices that I've chosen lately, I can minimize if not eliminate getting sick and my trip to the doctor.

What about you, what are your healthy choices?

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