Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Better Now

Thank God, I feel better already..

I'm not drinking any medicines anymore. I'm eating veggies and fish almost everyday for a healthier me. I also decided not to think coffee event hough there are times I'm craving for it. I know removing it form my diet will minimize the formation of more acid in my stomach. I've been exercising regularly, this is one of the good weight loss tips that I can share. I try to walk with my dog Sophie at the village and do my aero exercise at home. I planned of buying a bicycle so I can bike around the village every morning.

I don't feel dizzy and numbness on my hands (hope it'll not come back again!!!). I try to eat slowly, eat on time but there are times that I feel bloating in my stomach again due to overeating (need to minimize this!). Aside from that, I'm feeling better now!

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