Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rushed to the Hospital

March 10, 2011 (Thursday) evening

At around 10 pm while using my laptop, I could feel that I could not breathe and I have an aching shoulders. I went to my bed and watch American Idol on TV but later on at around 11:00 pm I started to breathe heavily and I'm feeling different already.

I'm trying to be calm but I guess I got nervous so I started to dress up and ready my bag just in case. I woke my SIL and bro at around 11:30pm and told them to drive me to the nearest hospital because I could not breathe, getting weak and started to chill already.

Arrived at the Manila East, nurse took my bp and it was normal. I'm chilling and was on the bed and nurse opened the light bulb that can give me warmth. I'm chilling and cold. A small brown paper bag was put on my mouth so as to contain my breathing and was instructed to breath slowly and not gasp for air.

They took some blood sample for my electrolytes and I had my ECG. The ECG is normal while I have a bit low potassium so my doc prescribed a potassium supplement for 3days to drink and banana to eat.

I was released after an hour even though I still feel weak. Oh dear, this is my VERY FIRST time to be rushed to the hospital and I hope the last. It's hard to be sick.

~~~Been eating banana and veggies almost everyday and thankfully I'm getting better.


  1. buti sis okay ka na....nakakatakot tlga minsan ung gnyan...ako dn minsan d makahinga at ang skait ng gitna ng dibdib ko pero pinakiramdaman ko dn hanggang okay na hehehe kakatakot kasi eh....get very well na ;D

  2. Hi Jes.. oo nga 1st time kong naramdaman to eh so nagpa rush ako hospital.


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