Saturday, April 23, 2011

Back To Work

I decided to take some time off my computer to observe the Lenten season. I didn’t used the computer on Holy Thursday and Good Friday and I’m proud of myself. It’s a little sacrifice that I’ve done. I used those days doing some religious activities with my family. I’ll share more stories and photos as soon as I have downloaded all the photos from my camera.

I only went online this morning and saw some online works waiting for me. I missed lots of opps last Thursday as it got expired, too bad but it’s just ok because I have done different things when I’m out. Now, I’m back online and back to work already. I also used my idle time to think about what another business is feasible to go into. I'm not sure if I'll excel in the buy and sell industry because if you're going to ask me to buy and sell some stuff, for sure I'll be selling Just not my cup of tea.

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