Friday, April 15, 2011

My Japan Bike

Bought myself a Japan made bicycle last March 24. Actually, a friend of my brother learned that I’m contemplating on buying one so he showed me 3 bikes that he had for me to look. At first, I didn’t want to buy any since his price is quite expensive. I just thought of asking bro to look for a bike at a Japan surplus shops but he didn’t find any cute one.

I also went to a nearby surplus shop that sells Japan items but the owner told me that there’s no delivery since the earthquake and tsunami just happened in Japan. Ok, so I set to wait for new delivery but my bro’s friend told my bro that he’ll be giving a discount and also will include the basket on the bike. I end up buying it and been using it almost everyday in the mornings or afternoons biking around our village. It’s fun and it’s work buying it.

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  1. hi i also been wanting to buy a bike and im looking for a japan surplus shop where i could buy a cheap one with basket already..can u suggest to me surplus shops that u know so i can check those out..i am from cainta btw :) thanks!


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