Monday, May 2, 2011

Fun Times with the Bagets at SM

IMG_1060It’s Easter Sunday on April 24th and after having a feast for lunch and afternoon snacks, I told the my nieces that I’ll be redeeming the 2 tutti fruitti frozen yogurt that I purchase online and I want them to come with me so they can have it. I also asked the lil’ girl to come with us and it’s a miracle that she said yes. She learned that 2 of her “ates” and her “kuya” are coming with me and that made her want to come and bond with us as well. So off we went to SM mall.

Our first stop was at Smart Bro office to pay my internet bill. It was quick as they have the machines where you can pay instantly. Since the mall the we had in our town is quite small, you can literally go to many shops in just few hours. We went inside shops that sells mobile phones, gadgets, anti aging products, etc. We even try on different shoes inside SM and I end up buying Reign white sandals that she can use on her birthday while I got myself an everyday slippers.




enjoying their yogurtIMG_1064

Our last stop was at the Tutti frutti stand where the 2 older girls enjoyed the yogurts. Actually, I can eat lots of yogurt as my stomach is sensitive to that so I only had 1 or 2 spoons just to taste it.  Reign, Jerel and I found it too sour but the 2 girls loved it. Reign enjoyed her time with us and I’m sure she’ll be coming with us once again and I hope she’ll not ask me to buy her

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