Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our LCD TV Shopping

My mom and I have been thinking of buying a new TV for our house

since December. Funny thing is we’ve been entering Abenson almost every week just to take a peek at the LCD TV that was on displayed. Fortunately, we didn’t right away since the price that time was still high.

At first, I asked my sis who is in Riyadh to canvass me a Samsung LCD TV there and indeed it was more cheaper there. Knowing about the price there, I already asked my sis to buy me and bring it when they come home by July or so, but I changed my mind.

I could not wait any longer to have a new TV, so last April 3, I told my mom that we’re going to buy a TV already since it’s also a bit cheaper that time since it was on sale at SM Appliance center.

Here’s mom and bro waiting for our turn to have the TV tested

I wanted to buy a 42” inch but I don’t have a budget for that so we just end up buying 32” Samsung LCD TV, which is actually just perfect for the size our living room. Now, we can enjoy watching TV and movie at a bigger screen and I’m sure mom is very happy with the replacement.

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