Monday, May 16, 2011

Lunch with Balikbayan Relatives



My aunt and uncle came home from LA last April to celebrate the Holy Week here. They visited us once lunch and since they missed Filipino foods so much, they requested for some Pinoy foods.

My SIL and bro cooked them Sinigang na Maya maya in Miso, grilled tilapia and hito fishes, shrimps in coconut and grilled pork. We also had green and ripe mangoes and watermelon fruits that are all sweet and delicious. Oh boy, we’re all stuff after lunch.

My uncle who has not come home for 16 years seemed so excited to come home to their hometown in Tarlac, so bro and mom accompanied them one weekend. The best part of their visit is when we received their “pasalubongs” (gifts) that they brought from LA. Lots of chocolates, canned goods, shirts and more, but no oliva cigars this time for the boys.
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