Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shopping for School Supplies

It's back to school this coming June and many parents have already enrolled their kids. My niece was already enrolled and she’s going to be grade 2 already while her brother will be in 2nd year in highschool. Since, I have no kids and no one to enroll, I decided to just buy them school supplies.

The little girl was excited upon knowing that we’ll be buying her notebooks and other stuff last Sunday. We went at SM and shop for her things, in fact, she is the one who picks what notebook cover she’ll buy. Of course, she chose barbie and other characters.
Fortunately, National bookstore is not yet jam-packed though there are long lines already. Actually, I was so impatient in the line that I just gave SIL the money and let them pay while I shop for myself. I’m pretty positive that come next weekend and early June, it’ll be hard to buy supplies as buyers will flock the store.
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