Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back to Workforce

My bestfriend Race worked in a corporate world for many years until she gave it up her job in 2009 to be a WAHM (work-at-home-mom). She enjoyed the time she had with her husband and the kids as she missed being with them all the time due to her 9-5 job. I was more than happy to know that she attend at all her children’s school activities and can still work on her online work at the same time.

It was fulfilling as what she told me because being with her kids and husband is priceless. She earns well eventhough she’s not in the office for her online jobs helped her a lot financial wise. She can shop for her kids and in-fact, she told me one time when they went on a shopping spree with her kids. They’ve been enjoying all what my friend has worked in years.

A great offer from a co-worker before to go back in the office was just to irritable. At first she was hesitant to accept it but later on after asking advice, deep thinking and praying, she thought it was another good opportunity that can help her family. She got the job and right now she’s back in workforce. I know she’s still trying to get back on office mode but knowing her she can do it with flying colors.

I just wish my friend great success and praying that she made the right decision.

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