Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Visit to the Dentist

The lower, right molar tooth of mine is giving me some pain already and to relieve the hurting, I took some ibuprofen for 1 week. Finally, I decided to visit my dentist the other week to have my aching and swollen molar checked.  My dentist checked it and told me that she can’t extract or have it filled unless the swollen subsides. With her initial findings, it looks like it has to be extracted already but I beg her to save it still. She just prescribed an antibiotic to take for 1 week, sensodyne for my sensitive teeth and pyodontyl for my gums.

I also had light cure treatment on one of my tooth and also had teeth cleaning. With the condition of my gums and teeth, I was on soft diet for 2 days as well. In that case, I will not bite on the new filled tooth and on aching molar. I followed all her advices and tomorrow is my last day of drinking the antibiotic . There’s no more pain and swelling and I hope the molar will not be extracted anymore. I’m set to visit my dentist once again by next week.

Dental hygiene is vey important and we all need to plan our visit regularly to our dentists to save us from further pain in the future.

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