Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NO net for 4 days :(

Yay, Smart Bro gave me some headaches last weekend when our net at the house was cut off around mid-afternoon of Friday. It was raining hard that time and the electric went off for few seconds and later on we found out that we don’t have net connection. Thought of troubleshooting it by unplugging all the wires of our router and Smart Bro’s antenna but still it’s the same. I got the chance to call SMART’s technical support and the soft voiced call center agent helped me troubleshoot and soon enough the net is back BUT only for 30 mins ..grrrr… It was so hard not to have a net connection at home since I’m working online.

It was Saturday before lunch when I called again and the tech support told me that there’s an “activity” (there’s a problem) on the base station where I’m connected that’s why I can’t establish a good connection. This means that we’re going to be netless once again. Yay. Fortunately, I have a net connection here at our net cafe so I was able to finish some expiring works.

Last night, I tried to connect online at around 9:30 pm and yey, the net was back. Having no net for few days, I found myself browsing till 12:30 am last night lol

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