Friday, June 3, 2011

Is This the Time to do This?

Oh.. I just love bags. The thought of using one bag from another depending on my mood or what attire that I'm wearing excites me. Lately, I'm leaning towards branded bags, thanks to my online friend in the US for selling us authentic Coach, Kate Spade, Gucci bags and more at a very good price so I was able to purchase some. I'm also dreaming of owning an LV and Gucci but it seems so impossible to own one because they are just too pricey.

Maybe if I have more money I’ll just buy gold bullion as an investment aside from branded bags. If that will be the case, I know that US Gold Bureau is a good source for gold and other precious metals. With all the raves that I’ve been hearing about gold as an investment, there’s a possibility that it’ll be on my wish list.

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