Friday, June 10, 2011

Migraine and Topamax

There are times when I experienced severe migraines when my period is coming, too tired or when the weather is just too hot & humid to bear. Often times, I tried not to drink any medicine but instead just put some this Chinese Katinko ointment on my nape, forehead and temples to relieve the pain. Sometimes it worked but when it’s so severe, I have no choice but to drink my Ibuprofen medicine that will take effect after 30 mins. or so.

I learned that there’s also a drug that can treat migraine and that is Topamax drug which is also given to patients with epilepsy. Though it can cure such ailments, it was recently found out that this drug can cause birth defects on babies when you took this drug when you are pregnant. Wow, such a tragic circumstance. Now, you can file a Topamax lawsuit if you’ve been a victim of this drug.

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