Friday, June 10, 2011

The Rain Has Stopped

Good day everyone. Now, that the storm has passed, I’m hoping that Mr. Sun will give you some smile in your faces. Last Wednesday, I’ve been curling up in our sofa and in my bed when the rain has been non-stop. It was indeed a bed weather and if only I can still drink coffee, a hot mug of it will surely warms my stomach. I just had delicious champorado paired with fried dilis that was cooked by mom.

Today, I woke with a sunshine peeking at my room and I know for sure that this will be a nice day. I’m just hoping that it will not be too hot once again as I have tons of work that I need to finish.

Anyway, students are back to school (in our area) and I guess mommies can already do their laundry hehe.. Matutuyo yan .

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