Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Change of Eating Habits

I’ve been bothered by my excess acid in my stomach for many years now and I have already undergone colonoscopy and endoscopy this year and thankfully, there are no tumors found. Right now, although I’m still battling with acidity from time to time, I can say that it has improved because I have changed my eating habits already.

Since March here’s what I have sacrificed and have done:
1. No more coffee for me since coffee can produce more acid in my stomach.
2. I don’t eat or drink much food with too much cheese.
3. No more softdrinks since 2009 but from time to time I cheated haha. Just the other month during my sister’s despedida dinner I had 1 glass of coke hahaha..
4. I also learned to like papaya that can keep my bowel movement good.
5. More water and more veggies in my meal.
6. Eat on time and eat a little bit slow


Yey, for me!!! The fullness, burping and indigestion have been minimized as well and if that will come back again, I’m going to drink the medicine that my doc prescribed to me. So far, so good but I’m still praying that my stomach will be back to normal and not be too sensitive.

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